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Samsung BD-C5500 Review: Blu-ray Player with PC Streaming and Internet TV

Posted to Video Components 2010-09-05

Samsung BD-C5500 Review: Blu-ray Player with PC Streaming and Internet TV
Although prices on Blu-Ray players are steadily going down, consumers who do not want to spend more than $200 on an average system should consider the Samsung BD-C5500 Blu-ray Disc Player. This particular model may contain the latest features and technologies, but unfortunately it lacks the quality-control and performance that it should. Nearly one third of consumers who purchased this player have reported a less-than-satisfactory experience. If you want a basic Blu-Ray player with some advanced features and cost is more concern than anything, then you should consider this model.

Measuring 17.1" x 1.7" x 8.07" and weighing nearly 4 pounds, the BD-C5500 is of average size and weight, but above-average in features and functionality when compared to its price tag. This model is Wireless LAN-ready and BD-Live 2.0-ready, and it even supports Internet TV capabilities such as Netflix. While the playing performance has been far from great for some users, it is satisfactory enough for others. Consumers who want the best of the best should consider other models, as this one is more of an entry level Blu-Ray disc player.

Rating:  4.0 out of 5


Among the other features mentioned, the BD-C5500 includes integrated 1080p up-conversion, which is great for all your standard-definition movies. This model supports virtually all Dolby Digital and DTS decoding, and it includes optical digital audio, HDMI, 2CH analog audio, composite, USB 2.0, and component outputs. It also supports VC-1, AVCHD, DVXHD, MPEG2, and 3GPP multimedia formats. The Wireless LAN-ready feature is great for wireless streaming, but the expensive optional adapter is sold separately. Overall, the features make this product a tempting purchase, but other factors need to be considered too.


While this Blu-Ray player does feature several impressive and advanced features, what the positives and negatives really boil down to is how well the device performs. Sadly, this player offers only average performance, with some users having so much trouble that they were forced to return the player. Obviously, the number of consumers with bad experiences are fewer than those with good experiences, but you should keep that in mind when considering this model. All in all, playback is good and the quality of picture and sound is fairly smooth.


In conclusion, the Samsung BD-C5500 Blu-Ray player is for consumers who want a good disc player with advanced functions for a price tag of less than $200. If you are really aiming for quality and performance, then you should look at other, more expensive models. Although a large number of users have reported problems, the other half have reported nothing less than praise for this player. Perhaps you should visit a retailer near you and decide for yourself whether or not the BD-C5500 is worth it to you.


  • Premium- nice balance of features for the price
  • Value- when considering competition, tough to beat
  • Featured- supports up-conversion, Wireless LAN, BD-Live 2.0
  • Connected- ability to stream Internet TV and Netflix


  • Disputed- more than average number of complaints

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